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Sparta Research & Strategy utilizes our experience and knowledge to find the best value home for our clients. we provide the best possible service to achieve your goal to find your ideal home or investment property. Our knowledge of the overall markets and background in finance and statistics helps us determine the potential value of your home should you be buying, and we can use this knowledge to be sure our clients are not overpaying when renting a home. 


"Our passion has always been to close the gap between the everyday renter and the accredited buyer. We provide each client of ours with incredibly valuable analysis to find the best valued home for them. There is no need for a renter to pay more than market value just to have a roof over their head, there is no reason for a buyer to pay more than market value, and as a financial professional we will never allow an investor to lose money from a depreciated condo or struggle with vacancy rates when leasing out their property."

-Patrick J Rooney
 Head of Strategy



                      Patrick J Rooney            Head of Strategy

          Patrick J Rooney

           Head of Strategy

       Everet Bommarito       Head of Risk Mgmt.

       Everet Bommarito

      Head of Risk Mgmt.

                     Leah Azizian               Head of Business Dev.

                     Leah Azizian

              Head of Business Dev.

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